Dolly fold wheels for light stand Tripods. Photography Video
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Dolly, folding wheels for Light Stand or Tripod
Light stands - Take the strain out of moving your heavy light stand around the studio.
This is very convenient for moving heavy lights around for Photography. Using the adjustable clamps the dolly can accept any size foot print.
For Tripod -If you have any need at all to get your tripod on the go, this Dolly is the perfect addition to your kit bag. It will let you glide along in smooth motion while focusing on the camera and what you are capturing. Being a universal model it’ll fit almost any tripod and it has three wheels to allow both stability and suitable movement.
Convenience -Attaching and removing the dolly is really easy and won’t cause you any trouble. It is barely a few more seconds to set it up and attach than you would be spending on setting up the tripod anyway. One seemingly obvious but often overlooked feature is the carry handle.
Apply the brakes -With this you can simply fold up and change locations or pack your things and it’s not bulky or awkward to carry around when not in use. The wheels have brakes included so you don’t need to worry that things will start rolling away when you least expect them to! Releasing the brakes is an effortless process that will become second nature in no time at all.
It’s been nothing but advantageous to own this fantastic bit of kit.
Includes vinyl zip case.
Maximum load is 50Kg.
Folded length 570mm
Weight 2.5kgs

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